Night of Activity…

Last night we put out an extended paranormal investigation tour.
There were four people on it. For privacy, we’ll use their first initial.
One of the customers, D, is a sensitive/medium.
Normally, I don’t put much value on these claims, as there are many who say that but very few with any real talent.
Not so last night.
The group went to the poltergeist kitchen first.
All sitting in the main area, and B looked at our guide (Leah) and saw “a mountain of a man” standing RIGHT behind her. B looked away, thinking it her imagination, and looked back, and saw him still there. Not just a shadowy shape, but a solid black full-body apparition. Looming over Leah.

B was so freaked she had to get out, so her husband, A, took her outside for a couple of minutes. B was literally trembling with fear. They went back into the kitchen, but left soon afterward. After that, it was into the Bullpit, but it was fairly quiet in there.
Then to Olivene, the male criminally-insane ward. There is a fan in there that sometimes spins when asked. Last night it would spin over and over, every single time it was asked to move.
There was also a shadow standing in the doorway, watching them. They ALL saw it.
Then, off to Grevillea, the old medical ward for the male side of the asylum.
A went to set the laser grid down the bottom of the long hallway (for context, there is a strong history of people seeing someone pacing backward and forward near the far end). He tried and tried to get it to sit properly, and in the end turned to (what he thought was) his wife B standing beside him. No-one was there. He freaked and grabbed the grid and went back to the autopsy table where everyone else was waiting.
At that point, D said “somone’s here!” and everyone heard a door slam open and running, pounding footsteps moving into the building, so loud and solid they all thought someone had actually come into the building.
No-one was there.
What a night…

My Challenge

runWell, the wife just looked at me and said “Give it a go.”
She’s talking about me doing, tomorrow night, what scares me the most.
Going into some of our buildings ON MY OWN.
So, to make sure you all believe I’ve actually done it, I’ll film it live on Facebook too.
Tomorrow, Saturday 4th June, I will run a live feed video on our Facebook page of me going into the most haunted areas with nothing but a torch, the master keys, an EMF meter, my phone to run the live feed, and my shoes to run run runaway…
Tune into the page tomorrow to find out what times.
I will do a separate live feed for each of four buildings: Olivene (the old male criminally insane ward), Grevillea (the old medical ward), The Bullpit (young male ward) and theFacebook poltergeist kitchen.
I don’t know how long I’ll last in each one, but if you ever had the desire to hear a grown man scream like a young child, here’s your chance.
Tomorrow, I’ll give you an hour’s warning before each venture.
Stay tuned to our Facebook page to find out when I put my life and sanity on the line…

Our lovely foyer…

I think most of you know how much it unnerves me to travel out to some of the buildings in the asylum. 
Especially after dark.

My safe place is our foyer, and although there are definitely presences here, they are not malicious at all.
I can even sleep here (when doors aren’t slamming or things moving on the counter, that is).

Today I’m sitting up here, listening to music (some Natalie Merchant) through the cinema sound system while I work on internal layout for a book we’ve just released.

My wife was over near our candle display, and noted what she thought was someone hanging over there (a cool area and s feeling of a presence close by).
She thought they might be standing at the double doors into the Bijou Cinema, enjoying the music, and I thought she might be right.
She went outside, and I called out “I hope you like the music” to whoever may be there.
Instantly, I felt a cold presence sweep up my spine, and then something touched my ear.

Good old Mayday Hills… never fails to keep us on edge, even in the nice areas and during the day.

Phantom Phone Call II


phonesgirlMy phone did it again, this time in front of a witness!
It just opened up and started dialling a number I’ve never seen before.
We both stood there and watched the numbers appear, and then it went to a busy signal.
I guess the ghost called someone who was already on the phone.

Phantom Phone Call

Just a quick one this time.
Standing at the desk, filling out bookings in the calendar, and I hear my phone making noises. 
I look over, and it’s scrolling – by ITSELF – through my contact list.
Then it starts to dial our book-keeper. 
unnamedThe call connects, and I hit the End Call button, but then I had to call her myself just to tell her that some ghost just tried to ring her!


Locked in…

The other night, we had a couple of tours.
Nothing big, only half full, most likely.
While they were out, I was up there, working on stuff as I do. I love taking the laptop up to the asylum and working up there. It seems so peaceful.

That night, I kept hearing things.
All coming from Myrtle.
The cottage that once held the female criminally-insane.


When the tours finally ended, and everyone had gone home, I went over there (with a couple of guides, of course… it is, after all, Myrtle). The light was on in the pump room, so we had to go in through the main building, into the courtyard, and then into the other section to turn the light off.
We opened the door into the courtyard, and went through.
Once we got into the other building, we heard a slam, followed by a click.
The damn door back into the main section had closed. And locked itself. Continue reading

The Women’s Ward Debacle

The Laundry Wing and Women’s Ward. After hearing the screams that emerge from there at times, along with my encounter with ‘the hand’, I have a definite aversion to that place.
It’s beautiful, yes, and very eerie as well. And scary as hell.

Asylum Ghost Tours   asylumghosttours  • Instagram photos and videos

I went over to check out reports that a pane of glass was hanging in a way that could be unsafe.
The glass was removed, and as I heard a click behind me, I realised so was my way back out of there. The door behind me, one that was unlocked by me seconds before, was once more locked.
I thought, “Oh well, I’ll just walk through and let myself out the lower floor”. Then I realised the only ghost tour of the evening had already been through, and the tour guides lock that door on the way out. From the outside. With a bolt and padlock.
I was locked in. I thought of phoning my wife, then realised I didn’t have the phone with me.
I thought I could at least get out once the tour came back. In an hour.
Then I realised I had the keys with me, and the key held by the guide wouldn’t get me out.
I was stuck.
In ‘that’ building.

I walked through the whole damn thing (thank God I had a torch, else I may well have died of fear). As I moved down the haunted halls, I felt eyes on me every step of the way. I heard shuffling footsteps behind me here and there. I felt totally freaked out.


Eventually, I made it to the Laundry area, and managed to unlock a window to get out.
I thought my ordeal was over, then realised I had to go back IN to relock the window I had to unlock to get out.
I managed that, and then waited for the tour to get back so I had the guide to go with me as we walked back through the Matron’s area to make sure the original door that locked me in was still locked. It wasn’t.



Latest Happenings

It’s been a while, I know.
Sorry about that.
We’ve been busy as hell. Hammered by tourists. Good thing, I know, but we only had our first day off last week. In two months.
Dying down a little now.
Anyway, there have been many things to write about, but the craziest just happened about fifteen minutes ago.
Scared me senseless.

Alright. Here goes… Continue reading

Crazy night at the hill

We had a very busy night up at Mayday Hills tonight.
The two tours we ran both had very active nights.
The ghost tour experienced some blood-chilling screams in the women’s ward… coming from the attic just when they moved past the manhole where the Matron’s area switches to the old cell area.
I heard the screams all the way from the Bijou, and assumed it was the normal tour screams. When they got back, they assured me it wasn’t them, but was originating in the attic itself.

Continue reading

Paranormal Activity 1

Well, we’ve been here for two weeks now.
During that time, we’ve sorted out our staff (keeping people from the previous tour group, of course, because if it ain’t broke, why fix it?). We’ve also managed to clean up a lot of areas, and start to set up the Asylum Kiosk as a book/curio/souvenir shop and eventually a coffee and snack shop as well, so people can enjoy a coffee and bite to eat both before and after our tours run.
We’re well on our way.

Our very first tours ran the weekend just gone (4-6 December) and we’ve had great feedback from all the customers who have joined us to look around and hear about the asylum.

During the two weeks, we’ve explored a lot of the buildings, both the ones we own and (with the owner’s permission) the ones we don’t but have access to for the tours. We’ve found a lot of beautiful relics and artefacts, and have moved them for display in the foyer of the Bijou Theatre and in the Asylum Kiosk when it opens.

I’ve found some things, and I’ve seen/heard/felt some things, too.

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