Night of Activity…

Last night we put out an extended paranormal investigation tour.
There were four people on it. For privacy, we’ll use their first initial.
One of the customers, D, is a sensitive/medium.
Normally, I don’t put much value on these claims, as there are many who say that but very few with any real talent.
Not so last night.
The group went to the poltergeist kitchen first.
All sitting in the main area, and B looked at our guide (Leah) and saw “a mountain of a man” standing RIGHT behind her. B looked away, thinking it her imagination, and looked back, and saw him still there. Not just a shadowy shape, but a solid black full-body apparition. Looming over Leah.

B was so freaked she had to get out, so her husband, A, took her outside for a couple of minutes. B was literally trembling with fear. They went back into the kitchen, but left soon afterward. After that, it was into the Bullpit, but it was fairly quiet in there.
Then to Olivene, the male criminally-insane ward. There is a fan in there that sometimes spins when asked. Last night it would spin over and over, every single time it was asked to move.
There was also a shadow standing in the doorway, watching them. They ALL saw it.
Then, off to Grevillea, the old medical ward for the male side of the asylum.
A went to set the laser grid down the bottom of the long hallway (for context, there is a strong history of people seeing someone pacing backward and forward near the far end). He tried and tried to get it to sit properly, and in the end turned to (what he thought was) his wife B standing beside him. No-one was there. He freaked and grabbed the grid and went back to the autopsy table where everyone else was waiting.
At that point, D said “somone’s here!” and everyone heard a door slam open and running, pounding footsteps moving into the building, so loud and solid they all thought someone had actually come into the building.
No-one was there.
What a night…


One thought on “Night of Activity…

  1. Amanda Rucins says:

    wow! I did a tour a few years ago. we went into Grevillea and I looked back into what was the main sleeping area, when I worked there, to see a number of residents going about their daily business. There was also two male residents hanging around the doorway watching us. I wasn’t scared but had to keep looking back at them to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. I never said anything to the tour guide…


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