My Challenge

runWell, the wife just looked at me and said “Give it a go.”
She’s talking about me doing, tomorrow night, what scares me the most.
Going into some of our buildings ON MY OWN.
So, to make sure you all believe I’ve actually done it, I’ll film it live on Facebook too.
Tomorrow, Saturday 4th June, I will run a live feed video on our Facebook page of me going into the most haunted areas with nothing but a torch, the master keys, an EMF meter, my phone to run the live feed, and my shoes to run run runaway…
Tune into the page tomorrow to find out what times.
I will do a separate live feed for each of four buildings: Olivene (the old male criminally insane ward), Grevillea (the old medical ward), The Bullpit (young male ward) and theFacebook poltergeist kitchen.
I don’t know how long I’ll last in each one, but if you ever had the desire to hear a grown man scream like a young child, here’s your chance.
Tomorrow, I’ll give you an hour’s warning before each venture.
Stay tuned to our Facebook page to find out when I put my life and sanity on the line…

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