Our lovely foyer…

I think most of you know how much it unnerves me to travel out to some of the buildings in the asylum. 
Especially after dark.

My safe place is our foyer, and although there are definitely presences here, they are not malicious at all.
I can even sleep here (when doors aren’t slamming or things moving on the counter, that is).

Today I’m sitting up here, listening to music (some Natalie Merchant) through the cinema sound system while I work on internal layout for a book we’ve just released.

My wife was over near our candle display, and noted what she thought was someone hanging over there (a cool area and s feeling of a presence close by).
She thought they might be standing at the double doors into the Bijou Cinema, enjoying the music, and I thought she might be right.
She went outside, and I called out “I hope you like the music” to whoever may be there.
Instantly, I felt a cold presence sweep up my spine, and then something touched my ear.

Good old Mayday Hills… never fails to keep us on edge, even in the nice areas and during the day.


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