Locked in…

The other night, we had a couple of tours.
Nothing big, only half full, most likely.
While they were out, I was up there, working on stuff as I do. I love taking the laptop up to the asylum and working up there. It seems so peaceful.

That night, I kept hearing things.
All coming from Myrtle.
The cottage that once held the female criminally-insane.


When the tours finally ended, and everyone had gone home, I went over there (with a couple of guides, of course… it is, after all, Myrtle). The light was on in the pump room, so we had to go in through the main building, into the courtyard, and then into the other section to turn the light off.
We opened the door into the courtyard, and went through.
Once we got into the other building, we heard a slam, followed by a click.
The damn door back into the main section had closed. And locked itself.

We didn’t have to turn off the light in the pump room, because when we got inside there was no light on.
We went back into the courtyard, and tried all the keys I had.
Nothing worked.
The two external gates were padlocked from the outside, so no chance of getting out of them, and both doors back into the main section were locked, and no key.
We were stuck.

Laura screamed that someone was watching us from one of the small single cells.
Kelley said it felt like someone was in there, too. I went over with my torch and shone it through the small window.
Nothing. But somehow, it felt wrong, as if someone was staring back at me from just the other side of the glass.

We went to the lattice gate nearest our hall, and yelled out until the other guide heard us and came over to let us out.

As we were moving back into the now-unlocked door that led into the main section, I was the first to step out into the main common room. I saw, clear as day, a shadowy figure step back into the other corridor. We went and looked. Nothing. No-one in that entire wing.

As we left, I’m sure I heard low laughter coming from that same area.


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