The Women’s Ward Debacle

The Laundry Wing and Women’s Ward. After hearing the screams that emerge from there at times, along with my encounter with ‘the hand’, I have a definite aversion to that place.
It’s beautiful, yes, and very eerie as well. And scary as hell.

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I went over to check out reports that a pane of glass was hanging in a way that could be unsafe.
The glass was removed, and as I heard a click behind me, I realised so was my way back out of there. The door behind me, one that was unlocked by me seconds before, was once more locked.
I thought, “Oh well, I’ll just walk through and let myself out the lower floor”. Then I realised the only ghost tour of the evening had already been through, and the tour guides lock that door on the way out. From the outside. With a bolt and padlock.
I was locked in. I thought of phoning my wife, then realised I didn’t have the phone with me.
I thought I could at least get out once the tour came back. In an hour.
Then I realised I had the keys with me, and the key held by the guide wouldn’t get me out.
I was stuck.
In ‘that’ building.

I walked through the whole damn thing (thank God I had a torch, else I may well have died of fear). As I moved down the haunted halls, I felt eyes on me every step of the way. I heard shuffling footsteps behind me here and there. I felt totally freaked out.


Eventually, I made it to the Laundry area, and managed to unlock a window to get out.
I thought my ordeal was over, then realised I had to go back IN to relock the window I had to unlock to get out.
I managed that, and then waited for the tour to get back so I had the guide to go with me as we walked back through the Matron’s area to make sure the original door that locked me in was still locked. It wasn’t.




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