Latest Happenings

It’s been a while, I know.
Sorry about that.
We’ve been busy as hell. Hammered by tourists. Good thing, I know, but we only had our first day off last week. In two months.
Dying down a little now.
Anyway, there have been many things to write about, but the craziest just happened about fifteen minutes ago.
Scared me senseless.

Alright. Here goes…

Ghost tour goes out. I go along to unlock the doors they need.
Matron’s stairs? Check.
Lower women’s maniacal ward? No worries.
Walk back through the theatre foyer and out the other side to go unlock the Toy Shop.
Walking along under the verandah/walkway, jiggling through my keys to find the right one, I notice a shape under the big tree to my left.
Look up.
It’s a MAN in a full black suit, top hat and tails kind.
Just LOOKING at me.
I stop, heart in throat and chest gasping for air.
Two, maybe three seconds later he just vanishes.
I staggered, dizzy and scared shitless.
Manage to go unlock the door I need to unlock and then raced back to the safety of the Bijou Theatre foyer.
First full-body apparition I’ve seen here.
Not just a shadow. Not just a partial.
Full. Body. Apparition.



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