Crazy night at the hill

We had a very busy night up at Mayday Hills tonight.
The two tours we ran both had very active nights.
The ghost tour experienced some blood-chilling screams in the women’s ward… coming from the attic just when they moved past the manhole where the Matron’s area switches to the old cell area.
I heard the screams all the way from the Bijou, and assumed it was the normal tour screams. When they got back, they assured me it wasn’t them, but was originating in the attic itself.

The investigation group had some strong hits on the K2s, and some of the group felt really ill in Olivene and again in Myrtle. Both cottages held criminally-insane patients.

When I went to unlock the old two-story pharmacy for the investigators, as I opened the door I saw a pair of feet in the light seeping through from the outside. I freaked, and walked off very fast. As I was going, I heard something banging on the door from the inside, and saw the light just outside the door flashing on and off very fast. 
The pharmacy proved to be very active for the group, which didn’t surprise me at all.
Also, they heard someone running up and down upstairs in the Bullpit, and when they checked there was no-one there, yet they heard it again as soon as they went back downstairs.

All up, a very cool and very active night up in the hill.


One thought on “Crazy night at the hill

  1. Joanne says:

    Not forgetting the shadow figure we saw at the back of the bullpit. Just casually standing and watching one of the ladies on the tour. It was one of the most active nights I’ve ever experienced and this is number 7 tour for me.


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