Well, we just got back from up the Hill (capitalised to refer to Mayday Hills).

We’ve set up internal bolts on all the areas we own, so our facility is safer than it ever was.
While we did that, it gave us a good chance to shuffle around both upper and lower sections of the Women’s Maniacal Section (incorporating the laundry and the sewing room).


Airing shaft in the lower Maniacal Ward

This also gave me a chance to go about and get some internal photos on the phone camera.


Beautifully-aged wall and cupboard door

There were areas that have been cordoned off for a while now, but as the owners, we can sorta take a few risks.


A shaft of light pierces the dim rooms on the lower floor


Some twisty-curly staircases are scattered through the facility;


External door, now bolted from inside

Making sure the building is preserved and finally restored means we have to make sure they are secure.


Some more original cell doors are now safe, thanks to on-site security



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