And here we are.
We’ve moved to Beechworth (damn, I hate moving house) and have a lovely place about fifty metres off the main street. We’re right next door to a great coffee shop/tea room, and about twenty metres from our favourite bistro in the town (can anyone say ‘parma night menu every Thursday?’.
The house is fantastic, and is historic in that it was the old fire chief’s house for a long while.

We’ve been slowly exploring all the buildings of Mayday Hills Asylum, and it always takes me by surprise that not only are they, at times, intimidating and scary, but also how sad and poignant they can be. I should know this by now, but I always seem to remember the fear-factor and allow the sadness to slip from my mind.

We’re focusing on building tours first up, but the Asylum Kiosk is being cleaned up ready to receive our first lot of sale stock (books, books, and more books).

Asylum Ghost Tours   asylumghosttours  • Instagram photos and videos

Our Asylum Kiosk.

Only a short post this time, but we’ll be updating the blog with loads of images and such as we explore more and more of the old facility.


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