Getting Ready to Move

Well, even though all this Asylum Ghost Tours thing started up over six months ago (we couldn’t say anything until October, mind you), it’s all coming to a head now very quickly indeed. Very quickly.

My wife and I, and really our whole family, have been involved in running events in horror-themed places for a few years now. Since 2013, we’ve run creative retreats for those into horror creation, including writers, artists, film-makers, and all manner of people.

Now this.
Our own haunted asylum.

George Kerferd Hotel   Google Maps

Areas we have bought

We were initially offered the option to buy portions of Mayday Hills Asylum in Beechworth about, as I mentioned earlier, six months ago.
The initial offer included the Bijou Theatre building, and the entire Laundry Wing/Women’s Maniacal Ward. With some negotiation, we extended that to include the Kiosk as well, a beautiful Edwardian-style building that was once the male staffroom and dining room, and eventually evolved into a shop for the Beechworth Hospital Women’s Auxiliary. 


The Kiosk, initially serving curios and books

We plan to continue the ghost tours, history tours, and paranormal investigations. For the tours and such, we have access to a large portion of the asylum other than what we personally own. We also plan to expand to include horror film marathons and weekend festivals in the Bijou Theatre hall, and a café/bookshop/curio shop in the Kiosk.

We want to offer full-time B&B-style accommodation for a night, a week, or a month, or however long writers or artists need it.
Come on over, live in comfort, write your book or hunt some ghosts.

But wait, that’s not all.

We’ll still be running set weekend and week-long writers’ retreats with special guests from the writing community around Australia and maybe even the world. Australians always seem to miss out on a chance to learn from the truly big names. I hope to change that.

All up, a massive venture that we are determined will work.

We move to Beechworth in seven days, on Thursday 26th, and start the tours a few days after that, on December 1.

Slowly we’ll bring in more and more of our planned events until everything is running all year round.

We hope to see you there.

Geoff & Dawn Brown


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